Going Out Of Town

Download PDF file: Going Out Of Town

1. Remove all hoses from outdoor hose faucet
Remove all hoses and connectors from hose bibs to prevent freezing and flood damage.

2. Set the furnace to minimum 58 ̊
Leave furnace set to a minimum 58 ̊ at all times of year. Our weather is very unpredictable and following this practice will protect the house during unexpected freezes.

3. Turn Water Boiler Down
Place the water boiler down to a lower setting. DO NOT TURN IT OFF, only down to a lower setting.

Step 1: Ensure all outdoor water hoses are disconnected and that the faucet has an insulated cap on to prevent freezing.
Step 2: Set the furnace “The Thermostat” to a minimum of 58 ̊
Step 3: Turn off the refrigerator freezers ice maker.
Step 4: Turn the water boiler down.

Step 1: When you return, Turn ice maker back on.
Step 2: Return the furnace “The Thermostat” to a comfortable temperature.
Step 3: Return the freezer ice maker back on in the refrigerator.
Step 4: Turn the water boiler back up to a comfortable temperature.

Note: Do not turn the water boiler up to high. You could scald yourself when using hot water.

4. Email landlord prior to leaving
Contact us prior to departure and if necessary we can check the house during your absence. 

Contact us by phone, text or email.
Email: myrentalsalaska@myrentalsalaska.com